High-Tech 4Q23 Roundup: Reigniting Demand in a Skeptical Market

Understand what happened in 4Q23 and how it sets the stage for the first half of 2024

Analyst: Mark McDonald, John-David Lovelock, Adam Woodyer, Christy Ferguson, Eric Trenk, Dennis Gaughan, Eric Goodness

High-tech providers closed out 4Q23 on a mixed note, with many achieving revised revenue guidance, but with a more pessimistic outlook for 2024. Customers, markets and technology do not stand still — high-tech leaders will need to create opportunity through action in 2024.

Tech and service providers can use this research for impact and recommendations on how they can set up for success in 2024:

  • Understand how you can lead in a market of guarded pessimism
  • Unlock the reality of GenAI in 2024 and explore new opportunities
  • Gain clarity to reignite demand in 2024

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