🌟 Shining a Spotlight on Data Day! 🌟

data day telekom

We were honored to participate in the recent Data Day event hosted by Telekom HU last week! Agnes Radics-Horvath, Account Executive at i-Tango Bulgaria and Hungary took the stage as the moderator for a captivating panel discussion.

With Radics-Horváth Ágnes at the helm, the panelists Balázs Lóránd, Ph.D, Felix Schwabe, Jozsef Kerekes and Gergely Babos delved into the dynamic world of data-driven decision-making, exploring its significance across industries and its pivotal role in navigating the AI era.
The discussion centered on pressing questions: What defines a data-driven enterprise? Why are data indispensable? How can organizations foster a culture that embraces data as a strategic asset?

As we navigate the complexities of the AI era, it’s imperative for businesses to embrace a culture that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. Together, let’s chart a course towards a future where data isn’t just a resource but a catalyst for meaningful transformation.

Huge thanks to Magyar Telekom for hosting such a thought-provoking event, and to all the insightful panelists and attendees for their valuable contributions. Looking forward to continued discussions and collaborations in our journey towards data-driven excellence.

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