Gartner hosts several conferences and events throughout the year on various technology and business topics.
These events bring together IT and business leaders, analysts, and vendors to share insights, network, and learn about the latest trends and technologies.

By attending you will have access to:

High-quality content

Gartner conferences feature high-quality content and presentations from industry experts, Gartner analysts, and vendor representatives. Attendees can learn about the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in their field.

 Networking opportunities

Gartner conferences provide excellent networking opportunities for attendees to connect with peers, industry experts, and vendors. Attendees can share ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and build new relationships.

 In-depth research

Gartner conferences are backed by Gartner’s extensive research and insights. Attendees can access research materials, reports, and case studies to gain a deeper understanding of technology and business trends.

 Practical advice

Gartner conferences provide practical advice that attendees can implement in their organizations. Sessions are designed to provide actionable insights that can help attendees improve their technology and business strategies.

 Vendor exhibitions

Gartner conferences include vendor exhibitions, where attendees can learn about the latest products and services from leading technology vendors. This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet vendors and learn about their offerings.

 Professional development

Attending a Gartner conference can contribute to professional development, with many conferences offering opportunities to earn continuing education credits and attend workshops and training sessions.

Locally we also host events on various topics related to the Bulgarian and Hungarian market and we also participate at local events where our team members share their expertise with the public.

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