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As a CDAO, your success relies on three main factors: setting up an information governance program, enabling data-driven decisions, and finding ways to generate value and increase revenue from your data assets.

Use data, analytics, and AI to measure and share the results of your business efforts and build a company that prioritizes data as a key driver of success.

To achieve this, let us offer you our guidance and resources to meet your business goals and excel in your position.

I really value the collaborative approach, the external perspective anchored in research, and the extra horsepower that Gartner has brought us.”
Peder Blomgren
VP and Head of Data Office, R&D, AstraZeneca

Gartner for CDAOs helps you reframe your role, align your D&A strategy to business objectives, show the real value of your work and build a data literate organization.

Data and Analytics questions, we can help answer:

How to build Data and Analytics program and strategy?

What Role Data Fabric will play in your Data Management?

How to incorporate the right skills and capabilities in your D&A organization

How to influence the business decision-making processes and the underlying D&A ecosystem related decisions?

Do you want to know more about:

How to infuse business strategy with D&A and AI

How to build organizational skills and competencies

How to modernize data and analytics capabilities​


Are you striving to build a data-driven organization?

Start with these 5 Key D&A initiatives:

Guide 1:
Which decisions to reengineer and why

Guide 2:
How to prioritize analytics and data

Guide 3:
When to augment decisions with artificial intelligence

Guide 4:
What role data fabric will play in your data management

Guide 5:
Incorporating the right skills and capabilities in your D&A organization

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