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The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is growing, and the scope of digital business intensifies. Among board directors, 64% say their organization is trying to significantly alter its economic architecture to put more emphasis on digital (revenues, margins, productivity, etc.). At the same time, 88% say they recognize cybersecurity is a risk to the business. 

Best-in-class cybersecurity leaders focus squarely on protecting and enabling enterprise priorities. But to do that, they need a range of capabilities and competencies to be effective in their increasingly multifaceted role.   

When enterprises adopt digitalization, they are implicitly or explicitly changing their risk appetite. CISOs must understand and adapt to this reality in order to remain relevant and enable secure digitalization.
Tom Scholtz
Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

Gartner for CISOs helps you reframe your role, align your security strategy to business objectives and build programs that balance protection with the needs of the organization.

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„This is by far the best it security and risk conference. The quality of the speakers, workshops, sessions and peer connections is outstanding. Add to that, leading vendors.”

Donna Ross
CISO, Radian

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