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Software is the engine of business transformation but it is no longer enough to execute on digital transformation at the speed of business.

As a software engineering leader, you need to deliver the software and digital products and enable business units and teams to improve productivity and customer experience. To do this, Gartner has identified 3 key goals you need to focus on:

  • creating and measuring business value, not only technical outputs,
  • being an expert in design and quality to exceed customer expectations
  • attract, retain and develop the right software engineering talent

To achieve this, let us offer you our guidance and resources to meet your business goals and excel in your position.

“Application and software engineering leaders need to maximize the delivery of value to the business. You need to orchestrate change and drive innovation to build teams, systems and platforms that balance convenience, cost and complexity.”
Gary Olliffee
Conference Chair and Gartner VP Analyst

Software engineering questions, we can help answer:

How to lead high-performing software engineering teams​?

 How to demonstrate the business value of software engineering?

 Which technologies best support modern software architecture?

How to attract, develop and retain great software engineering talent?

Do you want to know more about:

Building a world class software engineering organization?

Creating a development program to upskill your software engineers?

Building digital immunity to improve software quality?

The software engineering leadership role in digitalization?

Join the worlds leading application and software leaders to discuss the latest trends, concepts, and technologies:

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