Why i-Tango?

As the official representative of Gartner in Bulgaria and Hungary, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized services to our valued customers in both countries. i-Tango serves as the bridge between Gartner and the vibrant business communities of Hungary and Bulgaria. Through local representation, personalized support, face-to-face meetings, community events, and fostering peer connections, our dedicated team strives to make everyday work easier for our clients. By connecting our clients to Gartner's pool of experts, we enable them to make informed strategic decisions that drive their success.


With great pride, we can declare that i-Tango has witnessed a fourfold expansion in business volume over the past 10 years, while maintaining an impressive 90% customer retention rate. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to the exceptional quality of service provided by our dedicated team and the overall excellence of our company. Our team has a growth-oriented mindset and prioritize topics that are currently relevant and interesting to our clients.